Monday, July 23, 2007


In connection with the issue about labels here, Ghislain Guigon has suggested to me ‘indifferentism’:

"it seems to me that it reflects two aspects of your true dismissivism: first there is no difference in truthmakers between the opposite views. Second, the right philosophical attitude is to remain indifferent regarding the dispute."
I've just leared that the label does already exist:
"In Roman Catholicism, indifferentism is a condemned heresy that holds that one religion is as good as another, and that all religions are equally valid paths to salvation. Its condemnation is closely linked to the dogmatic definition that outside the Church there is no salvation."
I'm not sure about whether this goes against or in favor of using the label in the metametaphysical discussion (although I'm inclined to say that probably the latter)!

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Ghislain said...

Hi Dan,

Cool that you found this quotation about Roman Catholicism. I would say, it goes in favor of my proposal. It's actually funny to see your version of dismissivism as a metaphysical heresy.